Cultural programme – Liverpool Children’s Festival of Reading 2021

The Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) is delighted to announce a new cultural programme. This aims to support a city-wide celebration of books with a diverse range of authors, poets and illustrators. We are inviting arts and cultural partners to apply for a commission to develop this for schools. The deadline to apply is Monday 4th January 2021.

The Festival of Reading is being organised by the Liverpool Learning Partnership (LLP) who, on behalf of the LCEP, will commission arts and cultural partners to offer additional activities to support five of the author events. Each of these will align to a different theme, to enrich children’s experiences of the festival. The author events will take place online between Monday 25th January and Tuesday 9th February. The cultural programme will follow on after these, also online.

The five themes that the cultural programme will support schools to explore, aligning to the author texts featured in the festival, are:

Space and Nature

Kindness and Friendship

Image and Identity

Black History

We Love Words

The fee for you to design and deliver the cultural programme for each separate event/theme is £1000. You may apply to support more than one event/theme.

Please download this 3-page brief for further details about timescale, roles and responsibilities, fee and how to apply:

Please also refer to the overview of the Reading Festival 2021 listing the authors and providing some detail about the texts and themes featuring in the festival: