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  • When promoting your offer it is important to give schools at least four weeks’ notice to allow planning, if possible.
  • Please think carefully about the images you submit – ideally try and submit 3-6 images that are clear, eye catching and giving a taste and feel of the actual experience you offer.
  • It’s really useful for schools to have a name, telephone number or email they can contact you on quickly, without having to search for it on your website – you may prefer to provide a generic admin/office number or email rather than your own personal one.
  • If you need to amend or update an offer you’ve already submitted to Culturepool, please resubmit a form and let us know what needs deleting. The form is designed to ensure that the information and images you send are automatically uploaded onto the right place on the website. We receive huge numbers of offers from lots of different organisations so are unable to edit/amend pages once you’ve submitted a form.
  • We aim to check and upload any new offers within one week of submission.

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