Cultural champions

The Schools Cultural Champion role has been developed so that the Liverpool Cultural Education Partnership (LCEP) has a direct link to a named person within schools, to improve communication between the cultural and education sectors.

The role of the Cultural Champion

  1. Check Culturepool regularly for cultural education opportunities.
  2. Receive the LCEP termly newsletter and share with colleagues/across school networks, as appropriate.
  3. Signpost colleagues, children and young people, and families, to relevant art and cultural activity (free and paid for cultural experiences and learning opportunities, activities, events, CPD as well as funding and other support).
  4. When and if possible, attend Governors’ meetings (for example once per term), to develop art and cultural education policies with Senior Leadership Teams and report these to colleagues.
  5. Attend, or identify colleagues and other staff to attend, when possible, and when relevant, LCEP networking meetings, events and development opportunities (e.g. Artsmark), to build the network and increase the reach, consistency, and effectiveness of the role.

If you are interested in becoming a Cultural Champion within your school, or you are a Head teacher wishing to nominate a member of staff to take on this role, please get in touch.