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Creative Writing Workshops: Where Were We? Where Do We Go From Here? #LiverpoolWrites

Two linked half-day school workshops commissioned by Liverpool Learning Partnership and Writing on the Wall as part of Liverpool Year of Writing (#LiverpoolWrites).

The workshops are designed to look at the world we live in at this moment in time, and to allow young people to express themselves creatively around contemporary themes.  The first workshop focuses on the past and present, and the second on the future.

The worksheets for the two workshops are free to download.  Each workshop has:

  • An opening short story by Rob Keeley, to be used as a class reader/literacy text in advance of each workshop to establish the themes and set the scene
  • An opening writing warm-up for the class or group
  • An opening discussion of the themes of the workshop

You can then split your class or group into three smaller groups, respectively tackling Poetry, Prose and Drama around the theme of that workshop.  There are three writing briefs on these, one for each group, to be given to those groups at both workshops and used to produce Creative Writing around that day’s theme.

Any questions about the above can be emailed to Rob Keeley who schools can also book separately (for a fee) to host the workshops virtually over Zoom.

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Rob Keeley, Children's author and workshop leader

Contact name:

Rob Keeley

Contact email:

Type of offer:

Digital/online activity or resource Visit into school Young people’s opportunity to make, create, compose, or perform Young people’s opportunity to visit, experience and participate in art or culture Young people’s opportunity to review art and culture

Key Stages:




Session length:

2 half days



Nature of activity or art form:

Literature & reading Theatre Creative Writing

Subject or curriculum focus:


Outcomes for children & young people:

Improved mental health and well-being Raised aspirations Raised attainment Social skills Learning about equality and diversity Future work: careers/employability skills Future study: access to university, FE or HE Global/international learning


The complete folder of worksheets can be accessed free at:!AuxbfJbJr34sgS2WTZoNJQx2vRe-?e=eusdtr