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Climate Change – Creative Resource by Liverpool World Centre

Use recycled materials to collage two ‘stained glass’ windows on the theme of climate change and climate action. The resource consists of three documents – an overview with instructions and questions for students, and a template document for each of the windows.

This resource was created by artist Becky Bryson as part of the Get Up & Goals project. Get Up & Goals is a 3-year project funded by the EU with the aim of  raising awareness of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) amongst teachers and young people in twelve European countries.  The project encourages young people to become ‘change agents’ and helps pupils to develop ideas around how they can take responsible action in response to particular challenges like climate change. There are also a wide variety of teaching resources available via the project.



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Liverpool World Centre

Contact name:

Karen Wynne

Type of offer:

Digital/online activity or resource Young people’s opportunity to make, create, compose, or perform

Key Stages:




Nature of activity or art form:

Hands on Visual art

Subject or curriculum focus:

Art & design Citizenship SMSC Global learning

Outcomes for children & young people:

Global/international learning


Download the resources from our website’s Resources page – you will need the GUAG Stained Glass Creative Resource document, plus one or both of the template documents.