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Bungee-Assisted Dance classes and Aerial Circus classes

Aerial Circus
Adult hoops and silks classes (age 16+) use a combination of conditioning techniques, flexibility and routine work and are suitable for a range of abilities and levels. These classes can improve flexibility, upper body strength, core strength and posture, as well as overall fitness levels and coordination.
Bungee-Assisted Dance.
Our best creation yet! (16+years)
This class isn’t just for dancers – it’s a great cardiovascular workout and muscle toner, focusing on strengthening and stabilizing the core of your body, all with an element of flight. An alternative to regular aerobics!
It involves wearing a hip harness that connects to the bungee at the back where you will learn skills and phrases exploring dance and flight.
Both Aerial Circus and Aerial Dance are appropriate for teachers, young people over 16 years or parent/carers.

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Wired Aerial Theatre

Contact name:

General Manager: Gala Pujol Freixer or Aerial Dance Developer: Michaela Anders


0151 207 7568

Type of offer:

Trip out of school Young people’s opportunity to make, create, compose, or perform Young people’s opportunity to visit, experience and participate in art or culture

Key Stage:



£Acourse would be approximately £90 / £80 student. Drop in £17.50/ £15 student

Session length:

2 hours



Nature of activity or art form:

Dance Theatre Aerial dance and aerial circus

Subject or curriculum focus:

dance / aerial

Outcomes for children & young people:

make Improved mental health and well-being Raised aspirations Social skills


We have workshops throughout the year and can offer specific parties.