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Arts, Resilience & Mental Health Project

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Arts, Resilience and Mental Health (ARM) is an interactive, creative project working with some of the most vulnerable young people in Merseyside. It aims to increase their self-awareness, resilience and transferable skills. By helping young people develop these skills we will try to change attitudes and broaden horizons.

The six-week programme will explore the connection between mental and physical health, including the importance of:

  • good sleep patterns
  • outdoor activities
  • healthy eating
  • the effects of social media and internet usage on mental health

Our programmes can engage up to 15 young people at a time (identified by the school/agency as a group in need, e.g. disengaged/struggling with concentration levels).

Once referrals have been made we will meet with the school/agency to discuss the needs of the individuals within the group. These meetings will also identify the necessary safeguarding processes to deal with any disclosures that may occur during the delivery of the programme.

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at Rotunda



Cogs Education

Contact name:

Rachel Coogan

Contact email:


0151 298 3843

Type of offer:

Visit into school Classroom resource Training opportunity for young person Young people’s opportunity to make, create, compose, or perform Young people’s opportunity to visit, experience and participate in art or culture Young people’s opportunity to review art and culture

Key Stages:



£150 per session

Session length:

1 hour



Nature of activity or art form:

Dance Film / digital art Hands on Music Outdoors Theatre Visual art ASD/other SEN-friendly Safeguarding in place for vulnerable young people e.g. Looked After Children

Subject or curriculum focus:

Art & design Citizenship Dance Drama Gatsby benchmarks (skills for employment) PSHE

Outcomes for children & young people:

Improved mental health and well-being Raised aspirations Raised attainment Social skills

Venue address:

109 Great Mersey St, Kirkdale, Liverpool L5 2PL, UK

Our sessions are creative, interactive and young person led.  We make our sessions fun and try to keep an informal setting, so the young people feel more relaxed and comfortable discussing important issues.  By the end of the project the young people will have produced a creative project (short film, play, dance, art project, song) and it is this creative element that is strongly led by the young people, depending on their passions and interests. We believe that a sense of achievement is one of the greatest positive contributors to our mental health. That is why we have a creative outcome at the end of each project so the young people feel that sense of achievement.

Throughout the sessions the young people will be able to discuss positive and negative mental health and if they feel confident in doing so they can discuss their own. We will also discuss different types of coping mechanisms that can be utilised and provide young people with activities they can use when they are feeling low or in need of support. Support networks will also be identified at the end of each session if anyone requires additional intervention.

The outcomes we want the young people to gain from being involved in the ARM project are for the young people taking part to:

  • Report feeling healthier and happier throughout the project;
  • Develop new transferable, creative skills and techniques that have a positive impact on their mental health;
  • Report a greater confidence in their future and set goals to help them achieve their aspirations;
  • Gain a greater understanding of the connections between mental and physical health;
  • Gain a greater understanding of mental health, both positive and negative;
  • Gain an understanding of their personal risks and how sleep patterns, outdoor activities and healthy eating can have a positive impact on their wellbeing.