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Ai: More than Human

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AI: More than Human – please keep an eye on our website for when school bookings open.

The fascinating world of artificial intelligence comes to World Museum in a new exhibition bursting with interactivity through immersive artworks and scientific developments, giving visitors a thrilling vision of the future.

This exhibition will delve into the relationship between humans and technology and explore how lines between the two sometimes blur. Many pupils will ask what is AI? How is it being used in contemporary life? What will it look like in the future? To answer these questions, pupils will be able to interact with innovative technology such as Kreyon city made from lego, add features to the city and then use AI technology to evaluate how well the city would function in real life. They will also meet Aibo, Sony’s AI robot dog, designed to prove that robots are not just useful but also fun companions. Aibo learns and changes its behaviour depending on the individual playing with it. After exploring how AI influences life on earth, pupils can check out the Slocum G3 Glider a semi autonomous under water vehicle: which is being developed by NASA to penetrate and search for life in the ice lakes of Jupitar’s moon, Europa. An education activity trail for Key stage 2 will also be on offer to focus and support children’s’ learning as they investigate the many wonders and marvels this futuristic exhibition has to offer.

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at World Museum



National Museums Liverpool

Contact name:

Penny Arque

Type of offer:

Trip out of school

Key Stages:




Session length:

1 hour



Nature of activity or art form:

Exhibition Museums ASD/other SEN-friendly Safeguarding in place for vulnerable young people e.g. Looked After Children

Subject or curriculum focus:

Art & design English History Science

Venue accessibility:

Lift access
Wheelchair access
Assistance dogs welcome

Venue address:

Liverpool L3 8EN, UK