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Osun Arts – African Legends and Myths, a participatory Arts in Schools project

The project covers all aspects of arts and culture including storytelling workshops, dance, drama, music and performances. It is a cultural project, which will enable the children and teachers to gain knowledge and skills through different art and cultural activities. Furthermore, participants in local schools will be able to touch and interact with ceremonial artifacts that are usually kept in glass cabinets of museums. Participants will also be able to create and learn more about their myths and legends using African ancient Myths and Legends and compare them.

Osun Arts is an Arts Award Supporter and an Artsmark Partner.


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Osun Arts Foundation

Contact name:

Ola Adisa

Contact email:



Type of offer:

Visit into school Classroom resource Young people’s opportunity to make, create, compose, or perform Young people’s opportunity to review art and culture

Key Stage:

EY - 5



Session length:

Half day



Nature of activity or art form:

Dance Museums Music Outdoors Theatre Visual art Storytelling

Subject or curriculum focus:

Drama Geography Music PSHE Art

Outcomes for children & young people:

Improved mental health and well-being Raised aspirations Raised attainment Social skills critical make


Is your school working on Africa this term? Are you planning Diversity Week, International Day, World Culture Week, Black History Month, Multicultural Week and others… Just email us with your request and available dates for a school visit and we’ll work around you. To book, RSVP to