Art exhibition, graffiti workshops & mural service with MyMasterpiece

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Artsmark Partner MyMasterpiece worked with two schools: St Julie’s Catholic High School and Blackmoor Park Primary School. They held an initial meeting with each school to map out which elements of their service would best fit with school priorities and Artsmark plans.

These included:

The ongoing offer from MyMasterpiece of a free service available to primary schools only: an in-school ‘Art Gallery’ exhibition for the whole school community.

3 children holding up framed images of artwork

Available to primary, secondary and colleges (for a fee):

  • A staff CPD art workshop
  • Practical spray paint workshops for children and young people with artist Shawn Sharpe, from Graffiti Rooms
  • Q&A with an artist and mural painting


St Julie’s opted for three days of mural painting comprising two murals:


Blackmoor Park participated in a three-day project including a spray paint workshop for children and a mural. All children in the school were invited to submit designs for the mural and Shawn selected some of these to integrate into the overall design.

Children watched the mural develop on one of the walls of their playground, and continued to make suggestions as the it developed. Shawn responded to this in his depiction of a basketball player, changing the original number 21 on his back to 96 in respect of the Hillsborough families. The children were very enthusiastic and engaged and interacted with Shawn during the mural creation.

Mural on a wall of an astronaut, other figures and the words 'we are dreamers'

MyMasterpiece also facilitated a staff development Street Art workshop, and their free art exhibition service. The MyMasterpiece team labelled and displayed 357 pieces of the children’s Street Art work for a viewing at Parent’s Evening – sales of these to parents generated just under £500 for school funds as well as a £46 donation to Zoe’s Place baby hospice.


School development changes

The partnership with My Masterpiece at Blackmoor Primary School led to:

  1. A broader, richer and more relevant curriculum, increasing its range of experiences
  2. Wider careers awareness – this is the first time staff and children have engaged with street art and they were able to see it as a genuine career choice.
  3. Quality first teaching in all subjects
  4. A stronger quality of workforce via CPD and curriculum development (staff meeting led by Paul Giles from MyMasterpiece)
  5. New partnerships with arts organisations
  6. Improvements in engaging with parents
  7. Enrichment opportunities



Blackmoor Primary School reported the following impact:

  • Increased confidence and engagement in both staff and pupils, creating mixed-media street art following high quality CPD – children particularly enjoyed working with the street artist and contributing ideas for the design.
  • The whole-school exhibition of the children’s work was a fantastic opportunity to engage with parents and carers and celebrate the children’s achievements – children were thrilled to have their work framed and on show, perhaps for the first time in their lives.
  • Several children reported that they ‘like art now but didn’t much before’.
  • Children were able to improve their skills in the use of several media including collage, drawing, printing and painting. Using photos of themselves in the collage really helped children to think more deeply about composition in where best to place the photo as well as the other elements of their designs.
  • The children were highly engaged in creating their own street art as the processes involved led to a higher degree of satisfaction with the outcome (for example, many children stated that they liked it because they could ‘make it look good just using a few colours and my photo’).
  • Children loved contributing ideas and designs during the creation of the mural. Engaging with a real street artist and seeing the whole design and create process from start to finish was a very powerful and clear way for our children to see Art and Design as a genuine career path. Several children reported that they wanted to become a street artist and some have made their own art at home inspired by the things they have learned.
  • Attendance also improved in the weeks before the exhibition – there was only one child in the whole who did not complete their art work for the exhibition.